Scorch Torch Cigar Humidor Review

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    Exterior – 8.75″ x 10″ x 4.25″ / Interior – 9.5″ x 8″ x 2.5″ / Humidifier – 2.25” x .5”

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    Fits 18-25 Cigars Horizontally and 50-73 Cigars Vertically

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    1 – Humidor / 1 – Velcro Tape / 1 – Cedar Divider / 1 – Instruction Manual

Scorch Torch Humidor Humidifier Round Up

This is an excellent Cigar Humidor. Perfect for your office desktop, or night stand. It’s capable of holding up to 75 cigars, and is properly lined with Spanish cedar. This does come with a humidification device, but I highly recommend following the steps on ‘how to season a humidor‘ instead. Scorch Torch not only sells Humidors, they also sell Cigar Lighters. This is a buyers choice on, and comes highly recommended. Below are a few reviews that are posted on it’s amazon page.

Great humidor. It holds humidity well. The analog hygrometer is as accurate as a digital. Great humidor, even for a high end smoker, this can be used as a dry/ready humidor for your sticks you know will be smoked in the near future so you don’t open your other humidor to often – allowing your cigars to age properly. it also can be used as a travel humidor, if you’re traveling by car to the beach or skiing. i wouldn’t trust it with the airlines.Tim Nichols

Scorch Torch Humidor in Depth

This is a simple yet highly attractive cigar humidor that is ready to store your cigars. This is most definitely a budget humidor, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks–this is an excellent choice. If you do choose to purchase this humidor, be ready to properly season your humidor when you first receive it.

While some people use this as a travel humidor, I do not recommend taking this onto a plane flight. The clear top will most likely get cracked.

I’ve had this humidor for about a month and a half now and it seems to be holding up extremely well. It was easy enough to get it to the right humidity and it’s sustained that level very well. I’ll have to wait and see how it continues to hold up in a few months from now, but this far I’m very happy with it. One note of caution, and maybe it was just me that didn’t read the description closely enough, but the top is plastic, not glass. Either way, it was a great buy at $30.IJ1001

What do you think of the Scorch Torch Humidor?

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